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Ag1000™ application rates in container grown crops:

Constant Feed:            1:500 to 1:5000 dilution ratio constant feed supplied with regular irrigation.
Drench :                        1 to 5 gallons per acre per week, applied in the morning or with first irrigation cycle.
Foliar:                            Weekly sprays of 1:50 to 1:200 with compatible surfactant.


Many plants are grown in containers or growing bags instead of fields or beds. There are advantages to growing "out of the soil" in pots or bags compared to growing in fields or beds.

  • Disease free soil at the start of each cultivation cycle.
  • Medium most suitable for a selected crop.
  • Easier to manipulate compared to growing in soils, faster results.
  • Lower environmental impact, with possibility to recycle irrigation water.
  • Etc.

There are also disadvantages associated with bag or container growing. Growing media will change, break down over time, especially in medium and long term crops.  

  • Possible unstable growing medium, substrate may break down.
  • Fertilizer and irrigation strategy require more technical inputs and knowledge
  • Less forgiving environment, mistakes are cumulative; a small error increases in severity if not corrected.
  • Etc

Ag1000™ stimulates growth, strengthens plants and roots.

Problems with container growing can be associated with irrigation or fertilizer strategy, quality of potting medium or irrigation water, or reliability and uniformity of the irrigation system.

Ag1000™ stabilizes and improves root zone growing conditions,  promotes growth in healthy plants in ideal growing conditions and compensates for suboptimal growing conditions.

  • Ag1000™  compensates for anaerobic conditions in an overly wet, compacted or decomposing potting medium by increasing oxygen levels.
  • Ag1000™ makes fertilizer nutrients more available by increasing beneficial microbes, strengthens plants and stimulates root development.
  • Ag1000™ lowers salts in saline or sodic soil conditions.
  • Ag1000™ cleans irrigation systems, removes organic and salt deposits. Uniform output of your irrigation system is necessary to produce uniform plants.                                                                                
UC Davis test shows positive influence of Ag1000 on root development and pepper fruit size.

Methods Root Ball Coverage;

Root ball coverage rated on a scale of 0 – 100%

Effect of Ag1000™ dilution on height, fruit qualities and root ball coverage.

Fruit Size
Large Fruit= height > 17cm Width >4.5cm
Small Fruit= height < 15cm Width < 3cm

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