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Program Sheet Row Crops


Row Crops Applications



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Seed Treatment:



Ag1000™ can be used as a seed pre-soak.

Pre-soak seeds before sowing with diluted Ag1000™. Soak time

depends on the size of the seeds. The dilution is 1 part Ag1000™ to

1,000 parts water

Seed Size Example Time to Soak

Small Seeds Mustard 20-30 minutes

Medium Seeds Cucumber 30-60 minutes

Large Seeds Pumpkin 2-3 hours

*If seeds are known to be coated with fungicide, pre-rinse before soaking

with diluted Ag1000™.



In furrow:


5-10 gallons Ag1000™ per acre directly in furrow.




As loading manure into compost pile, spray with a 4-ounce/gallon mixture

of Ag1000™ and water. Mound and cover with a tarp. Turn pile once per

week for 4-6 weeks. There should be no ammonia or sulfur smells. As

weeds sprout, turn them in. Pile should be ready to use as mulch in 6

weeks. Or, the materials can be buried (be sure to cover with 8 or more

inches of soil to keep weeds from sprouting) in trenches after 4 weeks.




1 gallon Ag1000™ per week throughout growing season.


Foliar Applications



Ag1000™ should also be applied as part of a foliar feeding program.

Application rate per acre is 1-5 gallons Ag1000™ per acre per application.



Row Crops Applications




In the field


At harvesting, remove only the economical parts, and return all crop

residues to the field. All damaged or diseased plants could also be added

to the field. Ag1000™ is applied to the crop residue at a rate of 3 gallons

per acre. Addition of fermented plant matter at the rate of 1 pound per

10 square feet will assist breakdown of plant residues. The field will be

ready for replanting within 20 - 30 days.


On the crops


A spray of Ag1000™ at a dilution of 1:1,000 would help prolong the shelf

life of fresh vegetable crops. Vegetables can be washed with this solution

as well. Lettuces have been shown to have longer shelf life when a towel

moistened with a 1:100 dilution of Ag1000™ and water is placed in the




Sorting and Storage Areas (open or cooled)


Sorting areas and storage areas can be sprayed down with a 1:128 (1

ounce per gallon) dilution of Ag1000™ and water. Floors and walk-in

coolers can be kept clean and odor free with this application. Areas that

tend to attract flies will also benefit from regular applications.

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