Farmers Blend
Licensed Manufacturer of Ag1000™

Flowering and green foliage plants.

Ag1000™ application rates of flowers grown in containers or soil:

Constant Feed:             1:500 to 1:5000 dilution ratio
Drench in soil or pots: 1 to 5 gallons per acre per week, applied in the morning or with first irrigation cycle.
liar:                             Weekly spray applications 1:50 to 1:200 with compatible surfactant.

Whether growing in soil or hydroponically, Ag1000™ will help improve your growing operation.  With effective management and proper applications of Ag1000™ you can effectively reduce the most common problems associated with growing flowers.  Best of all, you can do it naturally with Ag1000™ since it is free of synthetic chemicals and compliant with the USDA Nation Organic Program.

Soil Applications
Average application rates range from 1 gallon Ag1000™ per acre to 5 gallons per acre on a weekly basis.

Hydroponic Applications
Average applications rates range from 1:250 (spot treatments) to 1:7,500 continuous injection.  Some plants show sensitivity to acidity of Ag1000™ and will be at the lightest dilution.  Average injections range around 1:500 for plants such as Gerbera.  Roses and strawberries can tolerate 1:250.

Foliar Programs:
Plants are more efficient at nutrient uptake through their leaves.  It is much easier to supplement micronutrient needs of plants through foliar applications.  Ag1000™ provides dozens of enzymes and trace minerals that will benefit the plants.  As it also helps with nutrient efficiency, it is advisable to tank mix with foliar nutrient programs.  Application rates range from 1/2 gallon per acre for young plants to 5 gallons per acre for large, fully grown plants.  Applications are best when made at least once per week during the growing season.

Cut flower crops treated with Ag1000™ 
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