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All irrigation lines eventually become clogged with various contaminants.  Visual inspection of the emitters along the line or on any parts that protrude above the surface will usually show signs of scale.  A good way to measure it is to watch your pressure gauges. 

Typically bleach or sulfuric acids are used to clean the lines.  Bleach is the least preferred method because chlorine is a salt, which really doesn’t solve the problem of scale at all.  Also, only small amounts of chlorine is toxic to plants and soil biology.

Sulfuric acid is effective, especially in areas with high pH soils as it opens up the soils and helps with nutrient availability.  However, acid can corrode equipment and reacts like a salt.  Sulfuric acid is also a bit more expensive per acre than Ag1000™.

Ag1000™ will clean organic matter, salts, and roots from lines.  The residual microbes in the flush water are also beneficial to the soil and plants.  Treatments can be done during the growing season without any negative impact on crops.

Ag1000™ is injected in the line at a rate of 5 gallons per acre. 

Let the product sit in the lines as long as possible, even up to a month or two, before flushing lines.  Watch the PSI gauges to see the starting point.  It will generally drop 4 to 5 pounds in 5 days.  Repeat this cycle about once per quarter.

Once a line is cleaned, it is beneficial to continue using the Ag1000™ as part of your regular nutrient program as it will keep the lines clean.  Therefore, only during the first year is a line cleaning program required.

A similar treatment can be done for wells where the Ag1000™ is applied at a rate of 1 part Ag1000™ per 1000 parts water in the volume of the well.

Treadmills and other machines

    Putting Ag1000TM to the test:
    •    The pipe on the top was treated with sulfuric acid for 30 days.  This is the traditional method used for cleaning wells.
    •    After 30 days you can see the salt build up and that the acid ate the pipe.

    •    The pipe on the bottom was treated with the same dilution rate with Ag1000™.  The pipe was kept in the solution for 30 days as well. 
    •    The active enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins in the Ag1000™ have cleaned off the rust preserved the pipe.
    •    Notice there is zero salt build up on the pipe treated with Ag1000™.  


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