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Ag1000 applications:

  • Odor control
  • Foot Baths
  • Milking Parlor, Barns and Loafing Areas.
  • Cleaning Animals
  • Apply directly on manure.
Spraying Ag1000™ will eliminate odors almost instantly. The application rates will determine how long the effects will last. If odors haven't been eliminated at first, re-apply Ag1000™ at a greater rate and/or more often to establish beneficial microbial populations. 

Photosynthetic bacteria, yeast and lactic bacteria synergystically modify the surrounding bacterial environment, encourage the breakdown of ammonia and enhance the efficacy of composting. Rhodopseudomonas palustris is very efficient at breaking down aromatic hydrocarbons responsible for odor..  

Foot Baths:
Apply 1 ounce Ag1000™ per gallon of water in foot bath. Use Ag1000™ instead of copper sulfate. Use all of the Ag1000™ within 30 days after opening.

Methods for application for barns and loafing areas:
• Spray all surfaces and manures until moist (floors,walls,and ceiling).
• Applications should be done at 2-3 times per week. Dilute 3-4oz

Ag1000™ per gallon of water and spray surface until wet.
• If misting/fogging systems are in place, inject Ag1000™ at a rate of1:500 on a continuous basis.

Methods for milking parlor:
•    Applications should be done daily. Dilute 3-4oz Ag1000™ per gallon of water and spray surface until wet.

Methods for applications directly on manure:
•    Inoculate fresh manure with a diluted solution of 1 part Ag1000™ to 50 parts water at the rate of 5 gallons diluted solution per ton.
•    Cover piles with tarps, or make large mounds that will go anaerobic in the center, and let sit for a minimum of 4 weeks. After fermentation is established, evident by no ammonia smell and white molds, turn piles once a week for 4 weeks and let stabilize static for 4 weeks thereafter.
•    Spread manure on field or sell as compost. Methods for applications on pasture:
•    Apply Ag1000™ by spraying at a rate of 40 gallons per acre per year.

Cleaning Animals:
• Periodically wash the animals with a solution of Ag1000™ at one ounce per gallon of water. This is good for the animals' hides and skin. It will also help loosen any dirt that is stuck to their fur.

Treadmills and other machines
    Ag1000TM advantages in Dairies:
    •    Controls odors
    •    Decreases composting time
    • Accelerates breakdown of wood material
    • Accelerates breakdown of leaves
    • Improved tilth
    • Improved drainage
    •    Multiple uses for one product

    Growing Crops For Your Animals?
  • Increases efficiency of nutrient availability for plants
  • Improves nutrient availability
  • Adds active enzymes, amino acids, and vitamins
  • Keep irrigation lines clean


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