Farmers Blend
Licensed Manufacturer of Ag1000™


Farmers Blend is based in Carpinteria, California.  We are a Licensed Manufacturer of Ag1000™ in Southern California.  Ag1000™  is a mixed culture of non-genetically modified (Non GMO) beneficial microorganisms.  Regular applications of Ag1000™ will increase microbial diversity in soils of mycorrhizae fungi or growing substrates creating a more favorable microbial environment for plant growth.  The results of using Ag1000™ as a soil or foliar amendment are more vigorous growth, stronger plants, improved drought tolerance, and more efficient use of available plant nutrients. 

Ag1000™ is an important tool available for reinforcement of an enhanced growth cycle; nutrient cycling bacteria and mycorrhiza fungi create more nutrients available to plants. Plants return the favor by exuding more sugars which feed the nutrient cycling bacteria.

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Farmers Blend CDFA Organic Certificate

Farmers Blend OMRI Certificate

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Ornamentals, vegetables, berries, row crops, orchards, compost treated or produced with Ag1000™. 
With Ag1000™ we focus on soils, not the specific crop. This is because all farmed soils are tired and need a boost. Our programs include weekly applications in the soils, in pots and on the plants. Ag1000™ works with other beneficial microorganisms to build soils, assisting in plant vigor, availability of nutrients, moisture retention, and overall soil structure.
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